Tape 056 - Uvuvi Wa Mangogo (Fishing with Poles) ~ Wolfgang Baraniecki - Documentary Films of Tanzania, Africa

Friday, May 22, 2009

Tape 056 - Uvuvi Wa Mangogo (Fishing with Poles)

Title: Uvuvi Wa Mangogo (Fishing with Poles)
Betacam SP-S, x:xx hrs

Date: 1985
Director: Wolfgang Baraniecki
Production Co.: Zanzibar Arts Cooperative
Country: Tanzania
Languages: Kiswahili
Genre: Documentary, Educational
Specific Subjects: agriculture, food, fishing, fish
Synopsis: This film was produced as an introduction to new fishing methods in Zanzibar. Recently, comprehensive research and practical trials have improved fishing methods. In this film, the technique of fishing with poles -- a method more beneficial to the environment than net-fishing -- is explained in detail.

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  1. Is this tape part of a series called "Uvuvi Wa Mangogo"? When was ist produced?