About this Project ~ Wolfgang Baraniecki - Documentary Films of Tanzania, Africa

Monday, May 18, 2009

About this Project

This page aims at reconstructing over 20 years of documentary filmwork by my father - Wolfgang Baraniecki - and finding out why so much of his work dissappeared.

The unexpected passing of Baraniecki left a lot of the knowledge regarding his work scattered upon film tape labels as well as cameramen, producers and organizations that he worked with.

WE NEED YOUR HELP ... especially on the tapes labeled with "Help Needed". (Kiswahili translations, local knowledge, filming knowledge, etc.)

Contributing information is easy: every article on this page has a comment box where you can leave any thoughts and information.
  1. find any tapes by navigating through the labels to the right
  2. click on the title of the article to get to the detailed view
  3. add a comment in the box underneath the tape
Please, also visit the links page where we want to post links related to Baraniecki's documentary work and people that helped on the project. (note, the link page is not online yet)

Thank you, Asante sana!!!

Special Thanks

  • Thank you Stammer, Friessner, Stelzer and Grzegorzitza for their outstanding support when Baraniecki passed.
  • Thank you Sevuri, Ndeyanka and Price for their support, likewise.
  • Thank you Swoboda and Baraniecki for supplying the tape photography and digitalising content.
  • Thank you Lafforgue for the cover photo. Please take a look at his work by following the link.


  1. Wow, so viele Tapes. Tolle Arbeit hier, mit ganz viel Liebe zum Detail.


  2. Ich bin von dieser Arbeit für diese Seite begeistert und drücke Ihnen die Daumen für weitere Vorhaben und bei der Suche nach Unterstützung.

  3. Habari Baraniecki my name is Abou original from Zanzibar but i live in the United Kingdom now,i've checked on your website i found some mistake it's uvuvi wa mangogo the correct spelling is uvuvi wa magongo(fishing poles).it's so nice to see someone want keep the history of our country Zanzibar you diserve a credit.Moreover if you need any translation from english to swahili or from swahili to english just drop me a line

    Many thanks,