Overview of Films ~ Wolfgang Baraniecki - Documentary Films of Tanzania, Africa

Monday, May 25, 2009

Overview of Films

This is an overview of Wolfgang Baraniecki's tapes currently residing with the Baraniecki family (click on the image for a closer view). The tapes exist in four general formats: Betacam SP-L, Betacam SP-S, Sony Hi8 and VHS.

Unfortunately, the rest of the tapes were hijacked in Tanzania shortly after Baraniecki's death.

!!! Please help by contributing comments if you understand Kiswahili or know any details about these documentaries right under the individual tapes !!!


  1. hard job but great

  2. if u split the tape one by one,i mighty trying to help u,im from zanzibar and live in uk,i do speak fluents swahili....mzenjibar